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Achieving that KLT factor(“know, like, trust”) is paramount these days in networking on the internet. That’s one reason why it’s great to be involved with IBO Toolbox.  I see members are freely sharing other members’ press releases on google +, twitter, facebook and linkedin. The viral exposure one receives from being on other networks is great. And remember, google in its recent algorithm changes is giving more SEO love to social links.

I have found one resource to be of great benefit in social media marketing. You can join for free and place links to all of your social platforms there. It could be your one-stop for all of your social presence on the internet. It can be one of the building blocks for developing your social authority. I feel being a member there shows that you are a savvy social networker.

XeeMe is a game changer. It is not about accidental visits but purpose driven engagement. You give your contacts a purpose to visit your profiles and sites. Meet people where they are.

Here’s a short video tutorial that explains some of the more popular and powerful features of the platform.

What your XeeMe does for you
1) Organizes all your social sites in one place with one URL.  Everywhere you are online in one place!
2) Points every body who finds your XeeMe URL to all the sites you are on
3) Helps you monitor your social traffic to your social profiles
4) Discover other emerging social networks
5) Expand your presence and influence

How XeeMe grows your networks

1) As people see the richness of your presence they are more inclined to connect
2) People who are connected on one network may follow you on others
3) People seeing your XeeMe in the social net may connect with you too

Always keep in mind: You want to be only a click away. Connect with me here



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