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People from all walks of life are slowly coming to realize the power of social media and the internet. In a microcosm of this ongoing phenomenon is the use of a site called Empire Avenue to facilitate the outreach efforts of a growing number of savvy social media managers, consultants, businesses big and small, non profit organizations, internet marketers and others.

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I first came upon the site from a man called the nicheprof aka Dr. Ron Capps. At the time I took a superficial look-see and simply wrote off the site as one big game using stock market terms such as share price and dividends. I couldn't see any return on my investment of time into this site and thus its usefulness to me as internet marketer was zero.


But something Dr Capps said on one of his subsequent podcasts motivated me to revisit the site about five months ago to give it an analysis and investigation worth its due.


This site is an example of the concept David Meerman Scott stated in his article about going "off-script" in attempting to fulfill marketing goals more successfully and cost-effectively. It's an avenue that's increasingly being explored  by many as a viable way to get your message out. 


Now an article in the mainstream is garnering attention to the site regarding its efficacy in a social media marketing plan. Real-world results are being measured and gained. The site may have now gained critical mass in warranting it being included in


There are a number of internet marketers on there. However, one does have to be circumspect on how to promote. Direct messaging to others about opportunities is considered taboo. A more subtle approach is in order. Members generally understand that we are all there to promote something or another. How we do it is paramount.


I've gained some new friends and have a learned a lot more about social media in general. I've come across some free resources for branding and learning that I'd otherwise probably wouldn't have been exposed to that I appreciate.  


Empire Avenue is definitely worth a look. It probably is not every marketer's cup of tea due to the social nature of the site and can be a time-waster, just like any social site. Overall, though, I'm glad I joined.


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