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Twylah: The new kid on the block

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Branding is so important on the web these days. You need to get yourself, your name, your product or service seen to be taken seriously. If you read my earlier post you'll know that in business relationship management engagement and empowerment are paramount in developing and nurturing your community or tribe.

Well,  while reading the twitter feed of some of my new followers the other day I've come across something that made me sit up. It's a great free resource that  can empower yourself to be branded on twitter. My first impression was: This is what you get when you cross pinterest with twitter. It's called twylah.com

Becoming a member of the site is easy. One, you can request an invite from the site or two, if you are in a hurry and you have a klout score of at least 30, you can simply login using your twitter handle. (If you don't have klout then you should consider getting it free to help once again with branding.)  

Once logged in initially the system analyzes your twitter feed for hashtags and topics you frequently tweet. When completed after a few minutes depending on the number of tweets, number of followers, etc you can select up to three keywords you're tracking on twitter that will always appear on the feed for your twylah page. Other minor ones will fill in the other areas of the page. There's even music that auto plays whenever you have a visitor come to your page on the site for an added touch to the user experience. 

On the resources tab there are widgets and badges you can employ elsewhere. If you have your own domain you can follow some easy, straightforward instructions to host it there to generate even more traffic.

Here's my page for an example. 


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