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About Bill Douglas

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Eclectic posts from an entrepreneur

I was fortunate to get tested in high school and scored equally well with both numbers and writing. So what better fit to put those two academic strengths to use than in business? Trouble was I liked French too and took all the way through high school. After a year of studying at university I felt it was time for plan B.

After a career in the accounting field I came upon the internet and felt it was time for a change.

I have eight years experience in doing affiliate marketing, lead generation and SEO. I’ve joined a few CPA networks and am working on becoming a local offline marketing consultant.

I am heavily involved with social media and viral marketing techniques with the intent to leverage them to become more productive in generating traffic to my sites. I look to automate as much as possible but without loosing that personal touch.

I plan to make this site to offer free resources to anyone, paid products and services to both online and offline clients.

…not many people know about me: I like crime dramas and sci-fi so it’s no surprise I’m a fan of Person of Interest.
…I’m passionate about is learning about the law of attraction
…I’m a quote lover ► here’s one of my faves: Your persistence is your belief in yourself. ~Brian Tracy

Please remember that in all your endeavors online. Don’t quit! That’s why 97% of marketers fail. Get a mentor if needed. Watch out for the shiny-object syndrome.

I’ll get off my soap box now.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my lovely significant other.

If you want to connect then by all means do so:


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